Wild Art Wild Trails 2011

Wild Art Wild Trails 2011

Help  artists turn trash into art! 

 On Sunday, June 5th, please join us in Mount Washington for an exciting event.  Wild Art Wild Trails 2011 is a hands on event for all ages.  In addition to exploring the trails in Emerald View Park, there will be a climbing wall and geocaching.  There will be music, food and fun while doing a hillside clean-up and giving artists the material to turn trash into cool art!

Mount Washington (Dilworth) Park

Sunday, June 5th

1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

515 Norton Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15211

9:00 am to Noon – Hillside Clean-Up with the MWCDC

For more info- www.mwcdc.org/projects/grandview.htm

Kathryn Hunninen khunninen@mwcdc.org or 412-481-3220 x200

This is a FREE event!!!!!

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